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Mechanisms controlling life

Lectures for those in need

A cycle of free lectures for education centers


The only cycle of 10 four hour long and free lectures in Poland directed at the broadly defined environment of education centers and groups such as orphanages, juvenile detention centers, penal facilities, job centers, homeless people, AA associations, etc.

The "Changes of Reactive Consciousness" workshops are directed at all social groups which have difficulties in discovering the reactive and proactive mind. Discovering the reactive mind and reducing it will help us to determine the reasons for unwanted effects, problems, or psychosomatic disorders, directly translating into the quality of a unit's life.

The book of ZOHAR

Pocket edition

A guidebook for all people who want to reach for the source of their soul


Your free copy

One of the Foundation's missions consists in popularizing the book of ZOHAR, written mainly by the FOUNDATION'S PATRON - Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai.

ZOHAR constitutes a mighty spiritual instrument written in #Aramaic in the form of metaphors and codes explaining the relations between the soul and the Creator. It is an energetic means of transmitting peace, #safety, health, and wealth.

The sole possession of the book of ZOHAR protects the owner and his or her family. It blesses them, providing peace, and wealth.

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Individual consultations

Individual consultations constitute meetings with a coach which aim at searching for the reasons behind occurring problems or difficulties in terms of professional, spiritual, or private functioning.

The subject of consultations usually consists in a determined section of reality, therefore, they often constitute a supplement for the coaching process. During the course of consultations, their participant presents challenges concerning his or her functioning.
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Michał Konieczny

Michał Konieczny

Originator, founder, and president of the foundation