Individual coaching

Individual coaching constitutes a form of work which is focused on perfecting practical competences of specific people, often on key positions.

The coaching has the character of individual meetings with a coach and is carried out in sessions which usually take 2-8 hours. The essence of coaching is the possibility for the coach to fully concentrate on the goals and needs of the coachee, working on improving his or her functioning in specific fields. Therefore, coaching begins with defining the goals which should be executed.

The goal of the coach is to accompany the coachee in developing his or her personal, spiritual, family, and professional skills. Therefore, the features characteristic for coaching are: voluntariness, focusing on achieving the goals defined by the coachee, consciously making changes, respect for the client's values and needs.
We invite you to an individual form of developmental work, namely individual coaching. Coaching supports the client in making changes, motivates to take a closer look at difficulties, and teaches to handle obstacles standing in the way of executing a set goal. Coaching is a tool allowing to carry out a conscious and satisfying life through the development of potential and internal resources.

The coaching process consists of from a few to more than ten sessions taking place every few days or once a week.
Needs based individual or group coaching: this approach bases on an assumption that a deep motivation to act results from following own needs, (reactivity) During coaching sessions we work on broadening the client's awareness concerning his or her situation (personal, spiritual, family, and health), discovering important values and needs, widening the scope of possible actions, providing support in making the most optimal decisions, creating a plan and executing actions. Together we search for what strengthens the client in the process of introducing changes, as well as handling difficulties and resistance on the way of executing a set goal.

We invite people who want to:
  • take responsibility for their personal and professional life as well as introduce changes,
  • develop through discovering and taking advantage of own potential,
  • define important goals and strengthen own motivation to act,
  • improve self-esteem,
  • build authentic and satisfying relations with others,
  • understand and solve conflict situations,
  • create a path of own professional development,
  • find balance between personal and professional life,
  • wish to build close relations with the family and other important people,
  • want to bravely make life decisions
  • want to be more optimistic and trust oneself as well as others,
  • want to take full advantage of their internal potential, building a fulfilling and rich life,
  • want to develop their skills of caring for oneself, health, and well-being.


Individual coaching

First evaluation session (45min) - free!

Coaching prices

1 hour 450,00  EUR (€) / USD ($)
Conducted abroad
Set of 8 hours 3.060,00  EUR (€) / USD ($)
Conducted abroad

By participating in the coaching you support our educational activity

By paying for the coaching you not only invest in yourself but also support the MRC Foundation's educational activity, by providing the possibility to participate in the coaching for social groups which wouldn't have the chance to do so for financial reasons.
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Coaching conducted by

The founder and president of the foundation

Working internationally as a coach and real estate investor

Michael Keter

Owner of many estates and president of a number of companies and partnerships including MK-Estate Sp. z o.o. He has personally coached in terms of real estates at the side of such people as Donald Trump and John Burley.

Today he shares the acquired knowledge and experience for example as an author of the innovative investment program Phoenix, which allows to purchase estates with an active mortgage. The author of five books, including such bestsellers as "Consciousness is everything" and "America Why".

As a coach and consultant he provides rare knowledge in terms of investing in real estates and self-transcendence. He works for ordinary as well as unique people. He bombards with controversies forcing an honest reflection. He inspires to make the right decisions, act proactively, and take responsibility for life.

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