is a study which explains the relation between the soul (consciousness) and Universe (Creator)

Pre Restrictionalist - (P.R.)

is a person who performs the process of purifying the restrictive mind.


is a person free from a reactive mind. It is not only a state of FREEING oneself from reactive actions but a state in which P.R. no longer possesses a reactive mind.

Reactive mind

is a form of consciousness (any negative thoughts, experiences, confrontations, disappointments, reactive desires, physical pain, conscious and unconscious addictions, paradigms, anxieties, fears, psychosomatic pains, and PERSONALIZATIONS of other people in the form of photographs possessing an energetic mass). The reactive mind includes recorded and stored TIKKUNS, T NEXT, and CODES. These are parts of the mind that a person is not aware of but basing on which that person functions, for example when a person comes closer to a river or pond and begins to be anxious (an illogical fear), concerning a place a location, people, situation, or circumstances.

Consciousness Corrector (C.C.)

it is an electronic device basing on which the state of consciousness of a coachee's reactive mind is being determined. It helps both the coach as well as the client to improve the efficiency of coaching.

States of liberation

are sates of the reactive consciousness which are freed on the path to achieving the state of a RESTRICTIONALIST.


is a form of deviated consciousness. It is the ability to assume or connect with parts of other objects or people. Here PERSONALIZATION is a real or apparent personality. Being outside of PERSONALIZATION means assuming the physical or emotional features or form of someone else. The goal is to achieve an own PERSONALIZATON through purifying the reactive mind.


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Conducted abroad

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By paying for the coaching you not only invest in yourself but also support the MRC Foundation's educational activity, by providing the possibility to participate in the coaching for social groups which wouldn't have the chance to do so for financial reasons.
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Coaching conducted by

The founder and president of the foundation

Working internationally as a coach and real estate investor

Michael Keter

Owner of many estates and president of a number of companies and partnerships including MK-Estate Sp. z o.o. He has personally coached in terms of real estates at the side of such people as Donald Trump and John Burley.

Today he shares the acquired knowledge and experience for example as an author of the innovative investment program Phoenix, which allows to purchase estates with an active mortgage. The author of five books, including such bestsellers as "Consciousness is everything" and "America Why".

As a coach and consultant he provides rare knowledge in terms of investing in real estates and self-transcendence. He works for ordinary as well as unique people. He bombards with controversies forcing an honest reflection. He inspires to make the right decisions, act proactively, and take responsibility for life.

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