Online Consciousness Workshop with Michael Keter - Poziom I

The Consciousness Workshop invites everyone into an advance session of consciousness healing and transformation.

During this event Michael Keter will share the extraordinary information concerning consciousness phenomenon that influences every single area of our life.
The workshop constitutes of 3 sessions each 45 min.
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„Mankind is on the verge of new era realization, that its sole purpose is to eliminate consciousness of time, space and motion”.
Michael Keter
Session I (45 min)
*1 Michael outlines how “Consciousness of space” is being built and how profound impact this dormant consciousness has in all areas of our life. This will enable you to realize what “Consciousness of space” is, how it works, who creates it.

*2 This session features an advance dive into consciousness of space. Michael shares a key insight how ignorance of this powerful phenomenon causes misfortunes, impediments and life challenges such as lack of sound relationship, depression, sickness, financial distress.
Session II (45 min)
*1 If our decisions do not include Intelligent Energy, meaning the ATOMS, the final results, no matter how diligent, honest and moral might have been perceived, finally are going to be greatly limited.

*2 This session explains the most difficult part of the process of consciousness healing. If analytical self- centered knowledge overwhelms spiritual actions, that need to be taken, the whole process of “Space elimination” will be significantly limited.

*3 The second session features technology and practical tools, by means of which you will be able to empower your present consciousness, and what most important build a new state of lucid awareness, that will diminish the “Consciousness of time, space and motion” from your life, and your loved ones.
Session III (45 min)
*1 The last 45 minutes, Michael Keter will address to any submitted question regarding the workshop and the subject of “Consciousness of space”.

A new consciousness phenomenon

The recent global shutdown has contributed to a new unknown to mankind discovery. A new consciousness phenomenon.
Regardless of religion, race, believes or world region, we have all been granted with the same collective phenomenon.

This new state of awareness is called:

  • Whether we want to travel to our favorite places
  • Whether we want to sell or buy merchandize
  • Whether we want to help others during their life misfortune
  • Whether we want to heal psychosomatic symptoms
  • Whether we want to take care of love ones

Every single life area and activity, constitutes of TIME, SPACE and MOTION. For the first time in human history, mankind has shared simultaneously the same inner feeling of awareness, that its sole purpose is to eliminate consciousness of time, space and motion.

This realization has been however blurred and befuddled by enlightened and sophisticated terms (cognitive dissonance / Behavioral Neuroscience / Physiological Psychology / Biopsychology / Nanotechnology), that supposedly allow us to have a sense of illusionary control over our and other people lives.

Aloofness and separation has been instead created, and failure to recognize it, is what will get humanity into the most profound experience “more suffering”.

What creates the Consciousness of space?

We are the creators, and we have created it with our own consciousness. Any fear, doubt, pain, anxiety, that we want to eliminate from our daily affairs has been created by our own consciousness. What a paradox of life, isn’t?


If a man consciousness constitutes mostly of PARTICLES, that is aberrated consciousness, then the order of revealed atoms is going to be distorted. As the result the physical outcome, that we experience as life success is significantly limited.

Conversely, if a man consciousness constitutes mostly of WAVES, that is pure lucidness, then the order of revealed atoms is going to be absolute. As the result the physical outcome is revealed with no delay, and any side effects.

The process of space transformation has already begun. It is going to be accomplished by means of lucid consciousness.

The finer the resonance with the atoms mankind create, the superior order of success we achieve.
About the host
Michael as a contemporary spiritual advisor, renowned author, public speaker and real estate entrepreneur teaches deep spiritual transformation. Creating Soul ’s Free Will, enables to transform low vibration effects, particles such as emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain into high vibration waves. These Cosmic Technologies allows to return in past, present and future and change the spiritual law of cause and effect.
Michael Keter
Spiritual advisor, real estate entrepreneur