Resonate with Your Soul 's Karma

Michael Keter

Jak kontrolować Karmę i wrócić do Twojej przyszłości

In this book Michael Keter shares his forty years of research, experience and practice in the field of spiritual technology of Karmic laws.

Karma is an experience process based on spiritual laws of cause and effect. We experience these metaphysical laws as life desires and challenges. In each desire there is a challenge, and in each challenge, there is a desire.

This polarity is indissoluble interconnected and plays one of a primary part in a soul transformation.
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Resonate With Your Soul's Karma

Desires as well as challenges are part of Karma.

They have however mutual denominator, a metaphysical cause. Once the cause is transformed from a particle into a wave consciousness, the soul experiences a new structure of past, present and future. This new structure is what we call “life success.”

In order to transform particle into a wave consciousness, an electron of negative charge has to face his brother an electron of positive charge. This spiritual interaction creates new, unknown and unpredictable high vibration scenario, that fulfills the soul as well the body.

“Resonate With Your Soul's Karma” enables to return to future, to move up to a higher, more positive state of spiritual consciousness, we arrive at flawless universe with a perfect structure of happiness, fulfilment and love.

Michael Keter
Contemporary spiritual teacher, coach, real estate entrepreneur.

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